Hand of God

The hand of God occupies the upper right of our seal. It extends from a priestly sleeve, identifying Him as the High Priest of all High Priests. God's hand remains generously open for a continuous two-way flow. From Him comes an unfathomable stream of AGAPE love for all humankind. In return His hand is always open to receive us whenever we approach Him.

The Holy Spirit

The dove of the Holy Spirit occupies the upper left of the seal. This is the symbol of the Spirit of God which descended over Christ at his baptism as a voice from Heaven proclaimed, "This is my Son, whom I love; with Him I am well pleased." This dove is in full flight with no olive branch as the active Spirit of the Almighty always in our presence. The dove as Holy Spirit is depicted as the source of knowledge in Church annals. As the Nicene Creed recalls, the Holy Spirit "Spoke through the prophets," emphasizing the presence and importance of the Holy Spirit in carrying out God's work and His remarkable appearance as promised by Christ at the Pentecostal awakening of his Apostles to their calling.

The Cross     

The Cross of Christ is the center piece of our seal. It serves as a reminder that "For our sake, He was crucified," thereby atoning as a member of the Divinity for the sins of us all.


Superimposed on our seal is the white purity of AGAPE love, that depth of love which extends from God with magnanimity beyond human comprehension. Our name embraces the lower part of the seal and its meaning. This reflects our total commitment of service to the Almighty as traditionally expressed for 2000 plus years by followers of Christ.